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Every time you come in contact with search engines, there are certain sites that appear on top of the search engine and each one of those times, you ask yourself: How does this happen? Who does this for these sites? How do we make this happen for us?

Well! No more surprises now. Edmonton SEO Experts acts as the entity that boosts the ranks of numerous websites found topping the search engines. We do this under absolute ethical terms and conditions and make sure that our customers’ websites are continuously being upgraded in their search engines ranks without violating Google Algorithm. If you are still not sure what is it that we do, this one line ought to do the trick:

We Make Sure Your Customers Find You Just As Quickly As You Found Us


The next set of questions that might already be swirling in your heads must be ranging from” why should we choose to “up to what extent can Edmonton SEO Experts help us in our situation.”

To answer this, we ask you one simple question: Were you able to direct traffic to your site? Or attract visitors to your facebook page in the number that you wanted to gain or like your competitors did?

The mere fact that you looked up options for search engine optimization services and reached us, speaks volumes for the possible answer. Not to boast, but this is what we have been doing since 2013, i.e., directing traffic to sites that ask us to do so, making our customers’ count, delivering best results in no time and under the most inexpensive price offerings. Therefore, it is safe to say that our long-term existence and appearance on the top of your search engine are all the reasons why you need our SEO services.

In case you need to make your case strong – why you should choose Edmonton SEO experts and their SEO services? What advantages do we offer? Here is a detail list of services that ESE provide its customers and all the possible benefits:

Our Edmonton SEO Service is SMART

S: saves your time by conducting the elaborate processes of analyzing and recording site information itself and presenting you the results and solutions to plan your future strategies accordingly. As you must know that time is money, when you save time you save money and who doesn’t want to do that.

M: makes your site the top trending on all search engines so that traffic is directed to your website rather than your competitors.

A: affordability is another major factor that rules out all other options in the SEO market. Our Edmonton SEO services are inexpensive, primarily because one of our aims is to save your costs, which is why overcharging or charging hidden costs is not a part of our deal.

R: revolutionary services initiated by Edmonton SEO Experts has made us giving our competitors a tough time is one of our key focus, which can only be made possible if we continue enhancing and improving our services.

T: top trending sites is what we promise our customers. Once you have signed up with our Edmonton SEO services, the Edmonton SEO experts go to all the length to assure that your site becomes a top trending one.

The Edmonton SEO services metamorphosis

SEO Audit

The process starts off with careful examination for the kind of industry you operate in, the requirements of it and detailed search on patterns of the customers for similar sites.

Once the data has been collected and thoroughly analyzed, our Edmonton SEO experts sit together and formulate certain phrases and keywords that we must recommend you to make yours to the top. Those phrases consist of words and sentences searched the most by the customers.

Keywords Analysis

After the keywords have been identified, we draw a comparison of your website to that of your competitors’ and highlight the areas that can be improved, altered or added or subtracted. This not only gives us an insight into the next step but also give you a clear picture of the areas you had been lacking in and prepare you better for enhancing your website later on. The areas of prime focus for us are the keywords, meta-tags, image alt tags, rich snippets and the important headings.

With all this information at our hands, the next step is to design. Or should we say redesign your website. Filling in all the loopholes, improving the quality of content and rearranging the information on all the pages.

On Page SEO

We’ll spend most of the time on gathering and arranging the data that needs to be present on your website. In addition to the probable changes that we will design for your website. We will also recommend methods to boost site conversation rates. Edmonton SEO experts will administer the performance of your site based on the page speed optimization, which will determine and communicate the user experience.

Off Page SEO

The offsite work will comprise of tracking and analysis of existing backlinks.

Differentiating between the beneficial and harmful back-links.

Forming links with various blogs, press release, bookmarks.

Yelp for Help

If you have finally decided to call out for our Search Engines Experts’ help, here’s the way do it:

1 – Contact us at info@edmontonseoexperts.ca. And because we don’t believe in the clichéd ‘there is no free lunch’. We will give you a free analysis of your website.

2 – Sit back and relax while we take care of your problems and search engine’s ranking.

3 – Minimize this tab, conduct step 1, and come back soon to continue engaging with us.